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Container Gardening - Part 2
Knowing the basic principles of container gardening removes all the mystery and let's you get on with the fun.

Container Gardening - Summer Pots
Container gardening can expand your plantings to include almost any location, patio, balcony, or even the house. Mix and match, then switch it around. With pots and tubs, you are in control.

The Gentle Art of Puttering
Puttering in the garden can be sheer joy. Especially when you have these techniques to make your puttering a highly effective tool.

What's Wrong With This Picture?
Look closely. What's wrong with this picture?

Planting Annuals
Choosing color for your garden is fun, easy, and immensely satisfying. Here are a few things to keep in mind so you get the most bloom for your buck.

Plant Shopping - Part 3
Choosing color for your garden is fun, easy, and immensely satisfying. Here are a few things to keep in mind so you get the most bloom for your buck.

Plant Shopping - Part 2
Buying a shrub or tree in the nursery? Use these "tricks of the trade" to ensure you get the best quality plants.

Plant Shopping - Part 1
This handy checklist cuts through the confusion and shows you what to keep in mind before you go shopping at the nursery.

Some say the quintessential use of a garden is with a family cookout. A few landscape tips can keep your barbeque enjoyment on track without turning your dream dinner into a nasty nightmare.

Spring is Still Springing
Just as wine tasting, art or music appreciation have their own techniques for getting the most of the experience, so does gardening. Here are some very special ways to help you enjoy and fully experience all the individual parts of the garden as well as the totality.

Roses - Part 2
Unlock the mystery of beautiful roses with these simple guidelines. In reality, roses are among the toughest and easiest of garden plants.

Roses - Part 1
Disregard those of tales of complexity and pampering needed to produce reasonable roses. Follow these guidelines and you will see that, in truth, roses are among the toughest and actually easiest of garden plants to reliable give great flowers.

Winter Pruning
Although volumes have been written about pruning trees and shrubs, a few general principles will help you accomplish your goals and avoid mistakes.

Winter Cleanup
In spite of some warm weather, it is still winter. In any case, there is plenty of gardening to do. Here are some ideas, tips, and guidelines to recover from the cold months and prep for the spring.

Spring Has Sprung
All the promise of spring is becoming a reality, as the season gets under way. Take advantage of changes of sun angles to get a jump on things. Meanwhile, early blooming bulbs give great character to your garden.

United States Botanical Garden
Located in Washington, D.C. on the Capitol grounds, the United States Botanical Garden has a rich history in addition to its beautiful grounds.

A Winter, Woody Land
The winter landscape can be a wonderland of shape and form and color. All we need is to gain an awareness of winter features, and suddenly we see that the plant palette is far more varied than ever imagined.

Houseplants and Humidity
A typical heated home in winter can have air that is dryer than many deserts! This can be devastating to your plants. But don't panic! A few simple, practical tips can transform a houseplant hell into a phyto-friendly environment.

Indoor Plants Improve Atmosphere
Healthy plants can liven up any room in the house.

Amaryllis-An Amazingly Easy Wonder
Amaryllis is a spectacular flower, easy to grow, and a wonder to behold. This concise guide gives you everything you need to know to grow your own Amaryllis at home.

Botanical Glossary: A - I
Botanical Glossary

Botanical Glossary: J - R
Botanical Glossary

Botanical Glossary: S - Z
Botanical Glossary

Plant the Seeds of Greatness
Your garden can be a springboard to help your children develop their potential. Here are some easy gardening projects that give big results. Practical and fun, they can make a big difference in your children's approach to life.

Your Friend the Extension Agent
Garden help is just a phone call away. Through a wonderful, little-known service you can ask local experts for help with virtually any gardening problem. Advice from your Agriculture Extension Agent is free and offered by every state in the US.

Annuals - Winter Survival Guide for Your Garden
Annuals - Winter Survival Guide for Your Garden

Perennials - Winter Survival Guide for Your Garden
The key to successful perennials is choosing plants appropriate for your climate.

Cut Flower Care
With proper care and arrangement you can get cut flowers to survive for quite some time in a vase.

free dictionary
free online dictionary

Facing Out
Look closely. This plant is in full bloom. Why is the floral display so... dismal?

Plant Marks
Look closely. What kind of plant is this and what could cause those marks on the leaf?

Viburnum Tinus
Look closely and try to imagine what this Viburnum Tinus should look like.

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